No X with Nvidia driver after installing linux59, and no GRUB to switch back

Hi. I just did a full system update, rebooted, and then updated my kernel to linux59 from linux54.

After rebooting, X (Plasma) does not start. I am using the nvidia driver.

I’d like to go back to linux54 obviously, but I don’t get a GRUB menu at boot to be able to select a kernel.


  1. Any ideas why 59 isn’t starting X?
  2. For now at least, how do I get the GRUB menu so that I can at least get Plasma back up and running and then address #1.


The proprietary Nvidia driver is not supported in combination with kernel 5.9 yet. This is unfortunately not a kernel issue but an Nvidia issue ─ they’re the ones who have to fix it.

Hit Esc or Shift when the computer boots, right after you get the UEFI or BIOS screen. Then select Advanced options for Manjaro Linux from the menu and select the 5.4 kernel. GRUB will remember that choice for the next boot.

If you want to always have the GRUB menu available at boot, open up your /etc/default/grub file and make sure that it has the following three settings ─ it’s at the top of the file. :arrow_down:


Next, issue the following command in a terminal…

sudo update-grub

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Hey there.

I am just now checking this. I didn’t get any email notifications of responses, so apologies for not replying sooner. I am Watching this thread, but never got an email (and I was checking spam too).

Thanks for the X “solution” Aragorn.

I did eventually get the grub menu to show up by commenting out “Grub timeout style=hidden” option. But I didn’t know about update-grub; figured there was something I needed to do but hadn’t had time to look it up yet. And SHIFT didn’t work for some reason.

So I reinstalled linux54 hoping that would reset the default boot kernel, and there’s the grub menu!

So I’m back up and running with KDE, and just need to uninstall linux59 now.


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Fabby, I updated the thread topic to include nvidia to make it more clear for anyone else that this is specific to the nvidia driver.


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There’s no need to uninstall it, per se. Next time you update the system, that kernel will get updated too, and maybe by then it will work with the Nvidia driver. Nvidia is going to have to get its act together at some point either way. :wink:

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Doesn’t manjaro boot with the newest kernel tho? I didn’t see a way to set something as default.

If you click “Advanced options for Manjaro Linux” in the GRUB menu, it’ll take you to a submenu where you can choose which kernel to boot. This choice will be remembered upon the next boot, so that even if you don’t select anything, the kernel you booted last will be booted again.

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