No Wine 6.0 release candidates?

As per the title, I was wondering if Manjaro will be providing any Wine 6 release candidates? I know you can get them from aur but they seem to take ages to compile on my system.

wine and wine-staging … there arent any plans to add anything else

Aw, that’s a shame. I was hoping to do some testing of these. Thanks for the reply anyway.

So, how long does it usually take to get updates to official repositories? I see wine-5.22 is the current version in the Manjaro repo, while upstream has wine-6.0.
Is there a guide anywhere on how to point at the upstream instead of manjaro for wine?

Not long in general, unless it is overlooked. 6.0 was released 39 hours ago so it is not for now, as it must land on Arch, then be tested on the Unstable branch.

If you can’t wait for the usual flow of updates change branch or switch to Arch

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I would invite you to reread my comment a little closer, as your reply does not in any way relate to it.

If you need it right now, Lutris already have Wine 6.0 since long time.

I wasn’t replying to you in particular

When is ready

What does that mean?

Is there a guide anywhere on how to point at the upstream instead of manjaro for wine?

Installation guide - ArchWiki

To clarify, I was hoping there might be a way of getting a package file easily from another repository which would allow me to install wine 6.0. Something along the lines of pointing that specific package to a different repo.

Links to how to install Arch are not terribly helpful in that regard.


You should know, Manjaro js a fork of Arch, so deep down it’s very much the same.

Hence that is actually very helpful.

Wine 6.0 is in both unstable and testing atm. So you can swap to one of those branches if you’d like the package now.


Thanks for the tip. I see there is a wiki page on how to swap branches, so I imagine I should be able to sort that out.

Seeing as the link does not contain any information about how to cherry pick packages, or how to add repositories, I dont know that it is very helpful. It contains information about how to install a new system using an Arch Live Media, something I dont have.

OK, my mistake then. Apologies and have a good day.

Sounds like Ubuntu PPAs :thinking:

About cherry picking one package only, it should be possible via AUR. Otherwise more globally, switching branches gives you access to more up to date packages.

So far as Ive seen, there doesnt seem to be a wine AUR package which is ahead. Ive instead switched branch to testing, grabbed the new wine package, then switched back to stable, retaining the new wine.

This was a fair bit easier than trying to learn the wine build process myself, which was the whole point of asking if there was an easier method (such as switching branch turned out to be).

As you find out you can switch branch, the other options are installing the Arch package from Arch Linux - wine 6.0-1 (x86_64) (which could not work) or download the Arch pkgbuild and build and package it.

Dont’ exist and don’t make sense a repository to have more upd to date programs for Manjaro Stable

Just an fyi:

Unless by “there doesnt seem to be a wine AUR package which is ahead”, you mean ahead of the the Manjaro Testing / Unstable version (6.0-1), and not Stable (5.22-1) then only wine-git is ahead.