No windows visible in activities overview after last update

I open some windows

dl dropboxusercontent com/s/x060y0ngoc4akgx/Screenshot%20from%202022-06-16%2015-32-26.png

Overview shows no windows

dl dropboxusercontent com/s/cyg2cydg6ocjnp8/Screenshot%20from%202022-06-16%2015-32-32.png

I’ve tried wayland and Xorg, both have the same issue.

tried it. didn’t work.
the small workspace thumbs shows the windows, but they are missing from the overview.
I managed to post some links without dots (.) showing what is happening

created a new user, it was working ok.
came back to my main user, disabled the ShellTile extension and now it is working.
I guess it is a bug from the extension.