No Wifi with Pi RC3 image on Pi3B


wifi-menu asks for dialog, wpa_supplicant and openssl to be installed.

Running wifi-menu shows the list of APs and enables the configuration of a profile.

when trying to start the profile (netctl start my_ap_name) I got a message that the job failed.

netctl status my_ap_name says “The interface of network profile my_ap_name is already up” however, ip link shows the state of the interface as “DOWN”.


rc3 image is using systemd-networkd and not netctl.


I thought netctl generated the configuration files for systemd-networkd. I need to do some reading then.


I followed the instructions here and Wi-Fi is now up and runnning.

Nevertheless, wpa_supplicant and openssl should be part of the image.

Is there a plan to have a command line tool to configure Wi-Fi (such as wifi-menu for netctl)?


Good pointer regarding wi-fi setup.
I support wpa_supplicant should be part of the image.
openssl is already part of the image - for me at least.


Correct. I double checked and actually wpa_supplicant has a dependency on openssl-1.0 (currently at version 1.0.2.o-1) which gets installed alongside openssl which is at version (1.1.0.h-1).


Interesting - I never knew there were two of them.


The images I provide, is a minimal image, meaning, it’s what is needed for the device to function when you don’t have a keyboard and screen attached. I don’t think anything can be done, to automaticly connect to a wifi. So you should always connect to ethernet first.

The other images though (like mate edition), should ship with it though. :slight_smile: Right @GrayJack?


I would think that minimal should allow one to get all hardware features working without additional installation. In that sense I don’t think wpa_supplicantwould hurt. If you hook up the RPi to a TV and a keyboard, you can just configure your Wi-Fi network and get going without having first to get an Ethernet connection to install what you need for Wi-Fi.


Sure, but he minimal image is designed to be plugged in, and accesssed with ssh. Not with a screen and keyboard.

Plus, only the rpi3 has wireless. The image we create works for both 2 and 3, so it would be extra “bloat” on the 2, since it has no wifi. Will probably create logs with errors too.


That’s right, the mate edition comes with everything ready for the RPI3 :smile:


By the way, in what way is this minimal image different from the RPi ARM7 image from Arch? Theirs is common to 2 and 3, includes wpa_supplicant and is 344MB (vs 450 MB for this one). What are the additional functionalities that they do not have?


The size difference is probably because we ship with base-devel by default right now. I don’t think Arch ships that.

Which I have considered removing too. People wanting to compile stuff, will know what to install for it.

But it can also be because our .zip is an archived .img file, and theirs is a rootfs.


Just to close this up, the newer Raspberry Pi Minimal images does contain wpa_supplicant, so wifi is detected on the device.
It’s up to you guys, to find out how to use it to connect from CLI. :slight_smile: (since I don’t know how it works)