No WiFi connection

I’m a real beginner in Linux and I was warned there would be a learning curve. It’s actually fine, I installed it (really quick, in dual boot with Windows 10) and I was so happy with the speed and honestly also happy with its similarity to Windows but just really simplified and yet still so full of features and an attractive lightweight OS.

Everything is going smooth except for my wireless adapter​:worried::worried:. I’m using a Lenovo S145 the drivers are the realtek rt8821ce and, I’ve seen that many, many people have been running into the same issues.

Main problem I’ve been pointed to is (I’m a newbie so I may accidentally misquote some things) my Kernel Headers should match my Kernel and I should manually make/build (idk what’s the correct term) the drivers from github which I learned how to and everything in the terminal is showing as if it’s all good actually. It built, when I type in nmcli in the terminal it shows the adapters details perfectly. I’m sure I’ve installed all dependencies etc. The problem is it just DOESN’T SCAN ANY NETWORKS.

No matter what, it doesn’t seem to scan any networks and I tried entering them in manually but still nothing and connecting to the net via usb tethering is fine. I go online and all. Just the wireless adapter is a pain.

I really want to use Manjaro tho because I need to program which I’m also new in. And my laptop isn’t ‘good’ but doing my research revealed that it should be fine for programming, having an i5 8th gen processor and doing non intensive minimal non graphical programming, I thought yeah it should be enough (I am extremely memory limited though lol 4GB DDR4) but it turns out it’s definitely not enough, especially with the large and resource consuming Windows, I really did not want to leave Windows but a few hours on Manjaro and the speed of the distro is addictive and I want to stay. PLEEASE HEEELP😢 Lol.

Have you tried to install rtl8821ce-dkms-git from AUR?

Please be more specific, we would need to know the driver version you are currently using as well as the kernel version.
As such please post the output of inxi -SNazy .
Read on the 8821ce AUR package that there would be inclusion of the driver in the 5.12 kernel, so you might have better luck with that kernel version. If that does not work you could try the dkms package. Please read the readme on the github page first.

Excerpt from the github page:

Wi-Fi not working for kernel >= 5.9

The Linux Kernel 5.9 version comes with a broken rtw88 module developed by Realtek 
that has poor compatibility with most revision of the 8821ce chip.