No wi-fi and bluetooth on clean install on a 2008 Macbook white - xfce 19.0.2

Hi! Since we have this wonderful time of social distancing and isolation and I work in show biz as a tech I have some spare time and picked up an project which I was postponing since 2016. I installed (clean - drive format and no more old macOS X) Manjaro xfce on my 2008 macbook white (4.1). Live version from usb have no issues to connect to wireless what so ever. After installation I am unable to detect my wifi and bluetooth. I have no means to connect this laptop to internet. I can only move files from other machines with and usb stick. How I can repair this problem? All tutorials that I have found are talking about some kind of connection to the network, either via usb dongle or tethering. I do not have any dongles and tethering will not work since I do not have working bluetooth on that particular computer.
Any ideas?

I can't use wired connection. I do not have any access to the router. Live manjaro from usb have everything - I could choose and connect to a wifi.

I installed no-free drivers upon installation (first time I had only free - did not work)


I found that: Archwiki. Inside is written that it may be a problem with an old and not supported driver. I have kernel 5.4.23-1 so I should have (according to the article) "broadcom-wl-dkms" package and I have "broadcom-wl". On the dkms linked page is a link for drivers (not working) so I figured out it may be this broadcom-wl-dkms
I do not know if there is a ver. 271-20 since the file was updated in 2015.

After tinkering I found that pearl ->
It solved my problem with wifi - I just ignored the part with /etc/modprobe.d - after restart I had wifi networks visible, but I could not connect to none. I removed it with sudo rm b43.conf and after two restarts it is great :slight_smile:
do not have bluetooth thou :confused:

The Broadcom Bluetooth firmware is not available in the kernel (as it is proprietary), therefore you will have to install the firmware from the AUR.

There are quite a few Broadcom firmware packages in the AUR. The firmware most likely to work for you is:


After a reboot, the firmware should be available for your Bluetooth device.

If that firmware does not work for you, then you could try some alternate firmware in the AUR.


So... I started bauh and found the package. Installation was possible only by removing Manjaro specific firmware.

Restart and... the lovely sound of system error :confused: Not to be scared, I experienced that in early 2000 while working on machines with windows 3.11 and 95 in a computer shop. Second restart - the same :#
Third time's a charm. It started but:



I triple checked:

bluetooth 2.0

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