No web hosting control panels for Arch/Manjaro?

Hello everyone!

I just set up a LAMP stack and I am looking for a suitable web hosting control panel, but I think I just hit a wall. Are there no web hosting control panels for Arch/Manjaro out there?


A web hosting control panel is running inside the webserver.

Just lookup your favorite web application for managing the stack and install it on the server.

Or search the web

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Webmin does not support Arch, let alone Manjaro.

I have read sensible comments saying that it is 'cause rolling distros tend to update packages quickly and that might bring incompatibility issues like non-compatible MySQL versions and so on. You can always chose not to install, but support isn't there anyway.

Would you really just download and install Webmin on a Manjaro-based LAMP?


I wouldn't do such thing as installing a control panel.

I would maintain it manually.

Of course if you plan something bigger like hosting - you would not be using Manjaro and likely to buy into cpanel or track down another piece of panel software.

When I did hosting I came across several opensource panels for Windows servers.

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Yeah, you are a veteran. I don't plan on maintaining my server manually. I wanna host some websites.

I am already looking at other distros that are supported by Webmin. I just wanted to know if anyone had a joker up their sleeves I could use 'cause I am pretty much hooked to Manjaro. No way I switch back to Windows by the way :laughing:

Thanks for your answer. Du hyggelig =)


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