No way to dismiss search bar in Firefox

Since this morning’s updates, the close button has disappeared from the text search bar at the bottom of the window in firefox (the one created by Ctrl-F to search for text in the current page). As a result I can’t see any way to get rid of it.

Am I missing something or is it a bug / misfeature?

Up-to-date Manjaro stable on X86-64.

I didn’t get the latest update yet, but until now i could also close the search bar with Esc.

I use KDE and don’t have this issue, the close button is still at the right end of the line.

@maycne.sonahoz I’d not come across that one. Turns out that it does work if & only if the search box is active for input. Not, in my view, an elegant solution.
@Wollie I also use KDE and it’s definitely not there now for me.

Firefox 92

You can dismiss the search box when active with Esc otherwise the X is located to the far right of the searchbox.

A bit of tinkering based on the above comments and I think I see what is (probably) going on.

I normally have my FF window with the bookmarks displayed as the sidebar. And there is no X to close the search bar at the bottom.

Close the sidebar and the X shows up, reopen the sidebar and the X goes again.

So it appears that the sizing of the search bar is not taking into account the size of any sidebar and is consequently places the X beyond the right edge of the window.

Upstream bug I think.

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Hmm - when I open the bookmarks sidebar the X switch to the opposite - that is - to the left side besides the input field.

Firefox dev 92.0b9

Firefox dev 92.0b9
What happens when you move the sidebar to the right?
(bookmarks or history sidebar left → Move Sidebar to Right)

I realized there is sligth diffrence when using Firefox dev on macOS which I were with my last comment.

Now I am using my workstation with both release and dev.

I can see there is an upstream issue - the search bar is covered by the panel - but is is fixed in the developer editon which - at the same time - is the beta of the next Firefox release.

Fixed in 92.0.1

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