No wacom effort from the manjaro team


i know most people dont even bother to learn to draw , but come on manjaro team , get it together.
the wacom support on Manjaro is non existant. I mean, no effort comes from the Manjaro team to do bring something special others don’t do. All in all, it’s just the Arch package of wacom library, you’ll have even to install them manually, and interact with them via xsetwacom. The only advantage ; as for Arch ( same packages ) you have the last version of this wacom library. If there is fix, you have them. If there is regression you also have them.

[Testing Update] 2018-03-21 - Kernels, Firefox, GCC, VIM, Python, Haskell

Via the AUR you can also install input-wacom-dkms, which is the latest kernel driver in combination with xf86-input-wacom if you have a drawing tablet not yet fully supported by the kernels we ship. However, you’re right. More than that we don’t support for now. We have no artist yet in our crew …


My Graphire2 works fine… :stuck_out_tongue:


…OK ?
Manjaro does not bill itself as “Innovation for Artists” or anything similar.
So if, as you said, wacom is supported in the repos, and aur is also available - what else are you looking for ?
Did you mean to make a Feature Request for a drawing-input utility similar to what we have for printers?


In Manjaro Cinnamon seems fine to me, with libwacom and xf86-input-wacom installed (don’t remember if where already included) and the Wacom section in Cinnamon control center my sister’s Bamboo works fine.

There are yours drawings online?


yes they are


I know your frustration. But the lack of support for graphics tablets is abysmal in Linux.
I been researching and trying to solve the issue for using my Huion H610 graphics tablet

Huion H610 Tablet by Orbmiser, on Flickr.

And have accepted the lack of in Linux and reason I dual boot Win7 as use Krita.
And fully supported for dual monitor,Left-handed,assigning keys,etc…

In Linux it is a nightmare of hacks and scripts to get some functioning of tablet.
This is not Manjaro’s responsibility. As is a global issue in the Linux community.


Cheap hardware with drivers that do hacky stuff to make it work on Windows is its own issue…


i dont have a printer , and i never print things out ,printing on paper is too archaic and harmful, and i hate paper cuts , i prefer things handled digitally on a screen, but i have a few printer stuff installed by default , they dont have to bill themselves as “Innovation for Artists” or anything similar. nor do they need to bill themselves as “Innovation for printerers” or anything like that either.
they should be installed by default instead , i dont see why they aren’t, theyre very small files, they come in many other linux distros ive tried by default and have had no truoble with them, it works right out of the box , but im on antergos, i know this is blasphemous and i will be hated, but i cant see any major differences between manjaro and antergos except that antergos is more compatible with my laptops whilst manjaro freezes and gives me black screens on my amd gpu no matter what boot flags i use


What specifically are you referring to?

You could always make this a feature request rather than a complaint.


For the record … on a fresh install ‘libwacom’ is installed by default.


i never had that brand. though i couldve sworn that the huion tablets were compatible with krita in linux , and im left-handed and i can only draw with my lefthand, so if it didnt work that would be a real tragedy.

I just use linux becuase xfce is amzing on ssd’s. And that makes me feel good about myself, and every single person around me is still on windows


yeah true, but it aint good enuff, and i need the other one libwacx86 or w/e , else my eraser side won’t work, and that makes me mad when its like that


i mean the the other wacom pieces . guess’ll make a feature request then, i wanna see linux get very big , im talking like a 30-40% desktop usage share , it blew my mind when i discovered how much better antergos, opensuse, manjaro is than ubuntu after using ubuntu as my first linux for so long


They are up to a certain point. Can get left-handed using xsetcom.

Left handed stylus

xsetwacom set ‘HUION PenTablet Pen stylus’ rotate half

But mapping digitizer surface dimensions to one monitor on a dual monitor setup is a Pita!
As Krita? Desktop? maps tablet across both monitors meaning can only use half of the digitizer surface.

And still haven’t figured out assigning the 8 function buttons and 2 on stylus. Just a Big Pain in the Krita! :dizzy_face:

Since I dual boot for other in Win7 just easier and zero issues using Krita there.


My reply may be extremely late to the topic, but under KDE you have a great setup for Wacom tablets, nearly the same to one official Windows drivers have.
To make my tablet work I have installed:
input-wacom-dkms kcm-wacomtablet libwacom wacom-utility xf86-input-wacomusing yaourt and octopi, yaourt gives me more recent updates.
It didn’t help me from the first time, Octopi didn’t place a warning about dkms module loading into kernel, more of it Manjaro (in contrast to Linux Mint I used previously) doesn’t download linux kernel headers automatically so you will have to install linux***-headers *** depending on your kernel version, for exaple I have 4.15 kernel installed and I downloaded linux415-headers and then executed
sudo modprobe wacom_dkms and finally my tablet got detected with all the settings available.

Hope it will help all the newbies out there :wink:

P.S.: KDE is very slow under Kubuntu and Manjaro, I have solved this problem in Manjaro, making logging only “warning” messages, so it decreased HDD load dramatically.


I too want to see linux get big from the point of view of user numbers, however instead of having X, Y and Z added to ISO to be installed by default it I personally think it would be better suited as a request for a package group or even just a script triggered by a package install to make it easier to install a digital tablet and supporting software if it is actually required.

most users have printers and scanners which is why support for those is included by default.

there is another example of this. I don’t personally agree with 3D printer software being bundled with Korora but that’s their choice as they obviously feel there is a viable need for it. To me it seems too niche at present to bother forcing extra bloat onto everyone just for users very much more in the minority.


that further reinforces my point about needing a script or single package to trigger an installation of all the required packages including the dkms one you missed because it wasn’t flagged by Octopi as an optional dependency.


Well, I think it shouldn’t be optional. In Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon edition there was no problems with tablet and no additional setup needed.


Can i ask why all that? and also why you need to sudo modprobe wacom_dkms
I’m just curios, don’t get me wrong …