No vaapi and vdpau on nvidia prime geforce 840m

Hi still new on manjaro.

using a notebook with igpu intel hd4400 and dgpu geforce 840m. On fresh installation and choose “optimus-manager --switch intel” the vainfo and vdpauinfo show information. When i choose “optimus-manager --switch nvidia” when i check vaapi and vdpau there no driver.

how to make the laptop only use nvidia geforce 840m as the only graphic and completely disable intel hd4400 from running.

the laptop screen was broken i’d remove the screen cable from motherboard. using hdmi output on laptop to external monitor.

Hope can make nvidia dgpu as default graphic which can render the display, 3d game, hdmi output and video codec decoder.

please post the output of ‘inxi -Fxz’ to see what’s installed.