No updates since 1 month



There are now updates since 2 months in stable. Is manjaro dead or what is going on.

For the last two weeks ive seen no updates
Is Manjaro still alive & well? Seems so but just checking :-)

No. The team is sorting out some bugs.


thank you


I edited title for factual accuracy.


Hang in there tight. Everything is working fine (except a KDE bug, not remembering dual screen settings). That’s the reason I’ve chosen stable, and I’d rather wait a month or longer until everything is fixed. That’s better than pulling my hair trying to fix the broken stuff! :wink:


OK nice to have a stable OS, but can we still call it ROLLING if we have to wait months to have hundreds of updates to come all together. Thunderbird is now 42.2 even in Ubuntu!!! And on Manjaro is 42.1 which breaks Lightning calendar when sharing a profile. Grrrrrr :frowning:


This situation doesn’t occur often on Manjaro. Usually there are updates every two weeks or sometimes even every week. This is the first time that I’ve experienced an update to take longer than two weeks. But that’s fine by me, because I prefer a stable system with updates that are well tested and as free from bugs as they can be.


Are the updates really so important for you, so that you cannot do a good work without them? :confused:
I think, a rolling system is not defined as a system with get updates every one or two weeks. Especially if you will work in a stable system. We expect a great update to qt5.7 so it needs more time for the maintainers. :+1:
As you know, the security updates runs faster into the stable branch.

We should be patient, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the summertime … :wink:



If you want to have the latest version of SOFTWARE you can always switch to the TESTING branch (like me and many others) but you should expect a minor BUG here and there (from personal experience )


2 things Manjaro can do right now: Push updates. Wait for outcry when Qt5.7 doesn´t work as expected. Or hold back updates until things are sorted out.

Manjaro aims to be a newbie friendly distri. I therefore believe it´s the right thing to do not to push updates right now.


Thanks for the cup of coffee mate :wink: and no, updates are not so important for me, unless we need them not to break things. And I gave as an example Thunderbird, which is 45.2 in Fedora, openSuse, Ubuntu, … but still 45.1 in Manjaro which breaks the agenda. Nothing to do with qt5.7. And despite what caho thinks about rolling “A rolling release … is the concept of frequently delivering updates to applications.” (From…That was just my initial question, can we call ‘Manjaro stable’ a rolling system?


You can always switch to unstable branch, which is with very tiny delay equal to arch stable.


Which equals ??


Hours, minutes, should be acceptable, right?


Thanks[quote=“artoo, post:14, topic:6209”]
should be acceptable,


Read a bit more of the wiki you linked to:

A rolling release is typically implemented using small and frequent updates. However, simply having updates does not automatically mean that a piece of software is using a rolling release cycle; for this, the philosophy of developers must be to work with one code branch, versus discrete versions.

The way I read that (I might be mistaken) is that rolling release or not is mainly determined by the way the developers work with the code, if they stick with adjusting one version of the software, honing and fine tuning it as needed or if they develop version after version. Typically a rolling release results in small and frequent updates, but apparently that’s not the defining quality of whether something is a rolling release or not.

To put it in other terms:

A rolling release means you live in a house and you maintain and add to that house as needed, but you stick with that house. Typically it means that you do small stuff to the house frequently, but that may vary.

A version based release means that you move to a new house once in a while when you’ve outgrown the old one.

Again, I might have misread it…

Personally I prefer that my stable version isn’t updated until the updates provides a stable system. Doesn’t matter to me that once I a while I have to way a bit longer for that.


Hang in tight, it’s almost update time. Then we shall rejoice.haha.
The team is working hard and from the looks of it, busy working on the website as well, i.e. VERY BUSY


Well put! :+1: This is also exactly the most amazing and best thing about Manjaro. Up-to-date software, but well tested.

I’m really happy updates are not pushed just for the sake of it. A fixed update-cycle, without taking into account the status of software development, would be terrible. I’m happy the developers take their time and don’t submit to a silly update schedule! :grinning: