No updates after fresh install



Hi, after installing manjaro KDE octopinever promptme to udate the system, I’ve used and installed xfce for some years and updating after install has alaways been a given for me.

I’ve refreshed keyrings, following commands from the top of the forum, fasttracked mirrors, and updating database, and the outcome is the same, the system is up to date. The are no errors in terminal nor conflicts in the process.

Thanks for the time and help.


Then the system is up-to-date. :wink:


Your reply is too good :rofl:


Is it normal to a system to be up to date from a fresh install?, I’ve installed manjaro more tahn 10 times on the same machine and this is the first time that no updates were prompted, It just doesn’t follow the pattern that I’ve gotten.

I’ll wait for the next update release then.



The 17.1.6 installer images have the same package versions as the most recent stable update:


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