No uniformity in Libre Office Toolbar color in preinstalled theme

Using Latest Manjaro KDE along with latest Libre office. As I go to change to a “preinstalled theme” in Libre for the toolbar, the color only covers half the toolbar (with the left half remaining the original color. Getting an answer in the Libre forum was a fruitless venture, so I thought I would tap the brain trust here. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m using Breeze Dark, or a non dark theme, it only covers half the bar. Quite frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a screenshot, but apparently can’t post it here. (I’m a newbie here). Thanks in advance!


You may need to navigate the Tools → Options → Libreoffice → View an set the icon theme.

There is also an optional part with experimental features under the Advanced tab.

Among other things enabling the experimentals makes it possible to use a tabbed interface.

Enabling the experimentals didn’t do the trick. The icon theme is set to Karasa Jaga, but the icon theme doesn’t seem to make a difference either