No UART output on GPIO



I just tried the Manjaro-Arm-Minimal-rpi-18.05.07-2045.img from the share on my RPi3B.

I got it to boot and display the console on a TV without a hitch. I could not do much because I could not sudo and did not know the root password. I now read the other post and I know.

My initial attempt was to boot with a UART-to-USB adapter connected to the GPIO ports (14-15) but I did not get any output.

I read this post on that suggest adding enable_uart=1 at the bottom of config.txt but that had the result of causing a kernel panic (“bad PC value”).

What do I need to do to enable console output on GPIO? I assumed that it was enabled by default.


I tested the 2018-04-18-raspbian-stretch-lite.img from With this image console logging through GPIO is not enabled by default neither but adding enable_uart=1 at the bottom of config.txt does work and produces logging.

Is the Manjaro image based on an older bootloader maybe?


I have tested the latest archlinux ARM image and it has the same behavior as the Manjaro image. I have posted a message on their forum.