No stable update available for my RPi4

Well, it seems that I have done something to my installation that is preventing me from updating to the new stable release. I did switch to unstable briefly and installed a package, only to quickly revert it.

Checked /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf:
Branch = arm-stable

Rebuilt the mirror list and re-sync’ed the package databases:

pacman -f

pacman -Syyu

Yet… “there is nothing to do”

Looks like wrong command above was used (pacman -f). -f is supposed to have a number after it but it is also supposed to be pacman-mirrors. Try this for our country.

sudo pacman-mirrors -c United_States && sudo pacman -Syyu

Yes, my bad… the command was “pacman-mirrors -f”, I should have cut & pasted.

I subsequently opened pamac, checked for updates,… all up to date. So then I adjusted my mirrors from Worldwide to just the United States and then sync’ed again… and this time. lo and behold, updates available.

I then went back to the command line and ran “pacman -Syyu” and it too now has updates. No clue as to why… repos? doubt it, some link between pamac and pacman where both needed to be refreshed? Could be… but unknown to me.

If you just did “pacman-mirrors -f” instead of “pacman-mirrors -f 5” then probably did get any mirrors. -f 5 is telling it to get 5 mirrors.

Yea the US mirrors give better download speeds for us.

I thought that -f did not set a limit to the number of mirrors but instead used a number based on some default setting?

Do not know that as I never tried i but the user above had issues using it but here is the syntax from -h

 -f, --fasttrack [NUMBER]
                        Generate mirrorlist with a number of up-to-date
                        mirrors. Overrides : --geoip, --method
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