No source for powerdevil in extra repo

The title says it, if you go to and search the whole organization for “powerdevil” the only result is the powerdevil in the kde-unstable repo. Is this a bug, or is it closed sourced for a reason?

While Manjaro should have the sources available. A Google search brings up the git repository for it on the first page of results.

powerdevil is not packaged by Manjaro.

❯ pacman -Si powerdevil | grep Packager
Packager        : Antonio Rojas <>

Search here instead for those.

Just one question, the packager never released the 5.24.6 version. So does Manjaro change the versions before building?

5.24.6 appears to have been packaged by Philip Mueller. Since you have the package, you have his email address. If you dont have the package, you can search for the email address using the command Yochanan gave. Have you emailed him?

On stable branch it is due to plasma 5.25 being held back. stable still has 5.24:

If I search using Yochanan’s command I get the Arch Linux package. The packager for the Arch Linux package seems to be Antonio Rojas. As you said, the packager for the manjaro package is Philip Mueller. So I’m asking if he took the Arch Linux package source and modified the version.

Search in Pamac. I dont feel posting emails on a forum is a safe thing to do.

Arch updated from 5.24.5 > 5.25.0. Phil built the 5.24.6 packages for the Manjaro stable and testing branches. Sorry, forgot about that when I replied above.

Yes, it would have just been a version bump unless there were dependency changes.

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