No sound when booting from live CD

I’m planning to switch to Manjaro as my main OS. I tried running it from a live CD to check that my hardware is detected but I haven’t been able to get any sound to play in VLC/YouTube/etc.

I’m using a Creative SoundBlaster Z sound card and the drivers appear to be installed. I have screenshots of everything relevant but the forum won’t allow me to post links or embed images.

Is it because I’m running it from a live CD? There were hundreds of updates which might fix it but I can’t install them when running from a CD. I don’t want to risk moving over if I’m not going to be able to get the audio working. I’m not very experienced with Linux so I’m not sure where to look to figure this out.

Is anyone else using a Creative SoundBlaster Z and did it work?

Creative Sound Blaster products have very iffy unofficial Linux support. The company itself only supports Windows directly.

It’s better to buy something that actually has Linux support such as JDS Labs or Schitt. I’ve used both companies and they both work out of the box.

  1. You can go to alsamixer in the terminal and see if your card is in there, and if the volumes are not at 0%. If they are at 0%, you’ll want to bring it back up to 100%.
  2. Go to your audio settings GUI and see if your card is set as default

Always a possibility. Or maybe even a different kernel will fix the issue.

Make a small maybe 40GB partition for Manjaro on your SSD/HDD and install it just to test stuff out.

I checked alsamixer, and my card shows up as ‘HDA Creative’ and the Chip shows as ‘Creative Sound Blaster Z’. Nothing is muted and the volumes are all set to max.

Under devices in the audio settings it shows 'Headphones (Sound Core3D [Sound Blaster Recon3D / Z-Series] under playback devices and it’s checked as default.

It also picked up my microphone as ‘Front Microphone (Sound Core3D [Sound Blaster Recon3D / Z-Series]’ under recording devices. Both this and the playback device are set to max volume and are not muted.

On the applications tab in the audio settings it shows VLC under playback streams and SoundBlaster as the device.

As you say it might be worth just getting a new card. They don’t cost that much and are easy to swap out. I think I’ll just install it and if I have to get a new card then so be it.

If you do have to get a new card, I recommend instead of getting a PCI-e sound card, to get an external DAC that uses USB Audio Class 2 as they should all work out of the box with no drivers needed.

Such as:

But there are plenty of other companies as well!