No sound through headphones

Hi everyone,
I’ve recently installed Manjaro i3 and ran the “install_pulse” script to get pulseaudio working, but no sound will play through my headphones. Pavucontrol shows my sound card as a selectable option, recognises when my headphones are plugged in or unplugged, and shows a fluctuating sound bar when I play music, so it seems to think that sound is playing. Can anyone help?

Somehow embarrassing but it my headphones do have their own volume controller which I already missed a few times. Did you think of that?

Do you mean like a physical controller on the hardware? My headphones don’t have one of those, they’re working on my other devices too so I don’t think it’s an issue with the headphones themselves.
(I’ve managed to miss a switch like that before on another pair with my phone, so don’t be embarassed, haha)

Okay after looking at the output from aplay -l I managed to play something with aplay -D plughw:2,1 something.wav. I’m not sure where the error is, none of the settings in alsamixer and pavucontrol have done anything thus far.