No sound on line-out, headphones

Hi. I am not a noob, I used manjaro a time ago, but, not much. :grinning: :neutral_face: :expressionless: :neutral_face:
good. In the past, I had resolved this problem, adding a line to archive of modprobe.d at [/etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf.] I was using manjaro the past year.
I read a post on this forum about this problem but not is my case, only I need the form to resolved this with the line that I forgot. :disappointed: . Ok, I go to [/etc/modprobe.d] but the archive of [modprobe.conf] isnโ€™t existing on my new manjaro. :disappointed_relieved::open_mouth::sob:


Hi jaaziel2016,

I am having exactly the same problem since the latest update (2016-10-09). I already have searched for solutions in the Manjaro and Arch forums with no luck. I was thinking that it was just me having the issue.

I am not sure that the problem is related only with the modprobe.conf, as Iโ€™ve already tried to fix it using what was recommended in the Arch forum:

It worked until now, when my headphones went mute again. The weird thing is that the speakers keep working without any problem.

I understand all the complexity of putting together an update, and for that I am heartily glad to Philip Mรผller and the Manjaro Development Team. I just hope somebody can solve this problem soon, as it happens in the middle of a session and everyday. I need to reboot the machine from time to time just to have the sound back again. I have no clue what is happening or causing it.

I will be glad if somebody can give us a hand.

All the best,

Tell us about your machine, model, etc.
Tell us about your sound jack. Is it designed for headphones, or only line out?

Hi jsamyth,

Thank you for your interest in helping us.

My machine is a DELL laptop Inspiron 13 7000 (model 7348) with 8GB RAM and a 500 GB HD. It has a i7 Intel processor (5500U) and a GPU Intel HD Graphics 5500 integrated. The sound jack is designed for headphones and mics (3 parts connector), but I only use it with headphones. Please, let me know if you need additional information.

Thank you very much,

3 part connector means it is only designed for headphones (left, right, and ground).
4 part connector means it is designed for phones and mic (left, right ground and mic )
It is very difficult to tell how many segments the jack can accommodate because you canโ€™t see in there.

Some spec pages state it has a headphone only jack, but the Dell page says it has a combo headphone and mic port (4 segment jack needed - like any old iphone or android phone).

It also has built in mics.

There is no โ€œline outโ€ port.

But headphones with a proper 4 segment jack should work.
There are adaptors available for three segment plugs into a 4 segment jack, because this combo doesnโ€™t always line up perfectly. they run about 7 bucks on Amazon.
So check the plug and jack (preferably with a proper 4 segment plug).

Things to check:
Is there any bios settings that deal with audio?
What about the volume buttons on the right side?

Finally See this page: (ubuntu related) dealing with sound settings

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Thank you jsamyth for your time and guidance.

I am sorry, I should have said that the laptop had a combo headphone and mic port (for 4 segment jack).

But the main point is that my headphones (with 3 part segment) always worked flawlessly. And to make the things even more weird, after the latest update they stop working in the middle of a session (but not every time). And if I unplug them the speakers work normally.

I will try your tips and have a look in the links you sent. I will let you know if they helped to solve the problem.

All the best,

Wow. Ok, stop working in the middle of a session is a totally different problem from not working at all.

I thought I was addressing the jaaziel2016, but I see what really happened is I helped you hijack jaaziel2016โ€™s thread. Gaak!

Sorry, it was not my intention to hijack jaaziel2016โ€™s thread. I was just trying to check if our problems had the same cause. But I will be more careful the next time I post a request.

I apologise for that.

All the best,

Thanks all you, really thanks. That was a time ago, now I had to re-install Manjaro on another pc, many things have passed thrught this years.

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