No Sound in Rosegarden (sorry if old and classic prob)



I got cadence running the ALSA–>PULSE–> Jack bridge, I have timidity running with the proper soundfonts configured on the timidity config file and have rosegarden setup to load the soundfont on startup, have the proper ports configured on the midi device tab and seem to have everything setup in Catia too but im still not hearing anything from Rosegarden even tho sound works anywhere else. Is it possible the onboard sound I have isnt capable of MIDI output? Just kinda confused here.


did you turn the midi bridge on in cadence?


yeah i got the alsa midi bridge running, here lemme snap some screens



am i supposed to link the timidity port to something in catia?


something seems missing from this setup. are you trying to listen or input?


im just trying to listen rn, i dont have any external controllers or anything so just trying to hear it on the onboard sound.


Well I’ve been able to get general midi sounds working but as soon as i try to use different soundfonts with the synth i seem unable to hear anything and i dont seem to be able to pick any of the soundfont options when using the general midi player. I have qsynth and cadence and all that running but i seem to be missing something.


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