No sound after upgrading to kernel 6.4.9 on Legion 7 16ACH-06

I am experiencing issues after the latest upgrade, sound stopped working. Downgrade to 6.4.6 fixes the problem. It has been working fine since 5.18.
I hope it is only a kernel config parameter, instead of changes to the kernel itself. Unfortunately I forgot which parameters controlled my chip set, it will take time to figure out. If anyone is in the same situation, although it is a pretty exotic setup I am afraid, any suggestions are welcome.



I would try the latest 6.4 kernel and install manjaro-pipewire:

sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-pipewire

Afterwards, reboot.

P.S.: Downgrading to an older kernel version as 6.4.6 is a bad idea as it may break your system earlier or later.

Please post more information about audio devices detected in ALSA

sudo --upload

Replacing PulseAudio with with PipeWire is not likely to be helpful

Kernel mailing list shows codec ALC287 was patched in 2021 to configure the CS35L41 amplifiers

LKML: Lucas Tanure: [RFC] sound: cs35l41: Add support for Legion 7 16ACHg6 laptop

The 16ACHg6 laptop has two CS35L41 amplifiers, connected to Realtek ALC287 by an I2S bus and by and direct I2C to the CPU.
The ALC287 codec is connected to the CPU by an HDA bus.
The CS35L41 has a DSP which will require firmware to be loaded.

The patch is still present in kernel v6.4.9

patch_realtek.c - sound/pci/hda/patch_realtek.c - Linux source code (v6.4.9) - Bootlin

SND_PCI_QUIRK(0x17aa, 0x3847, “Legion 7 16ACHG6”, ALC287_FIXUP_LEGION_16ACHG6),

hi nikgnomic,
thank you for your prompt reply. I upgraded to 6.4.9 again and ran “sudo --upload”, the result is here:

Hi Wollie,
thanks for your prompt reply, I upgraded back to 6.4.9 and will try the pipewire, what puzzles me a bit is that 6.4.6 works fine without changing any other components.

changing to pipewire did not improve the situation, still no sound with 6.4.9.

6.4.6 works well with both: pulseaudio and pipewire.

it’s this commit where audio stops working after:

this commit was exclusively devoted to the chipset I am using.
6.8.4-1 still works fine.

I will contact the developer from cirrus and open a bug report in linux git.

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