No sound after suspend, until switching the profile back and forth

After waking up from suspend, I have no sound. In pavucontrol the same profile is chosen as before the suspend, yet I’m required to switch to another profile and back again in order to restore the sound. This first happened with pulseaudio. In an attempt to fix it I switched to pipewire but the problem persists. This happened after a manjaro update, but I’m not quite sure which one and it doesn’t seem to be related to what kernel I’m using either. I’ve tried to see in various logs for what is different in the no-sound state, but everything is reporting back as normal as far as I can see.

Any ideas?

I used to have the same problem with pipewire a few versions back, but it recently got patched and working now. Restarting pipewire used to solve the issue back then:

systemctl --user restart pipewire pipewire-pulse pipewire-media-session

I can’t speak for pulseaudio though.

Your fix seems to be working, but I only have to do:

I’m using pipewire 0.3.38-1. Are you using a later version (I can see 0.3.39 as an AUR version)?

Also, are you using wireplumber or media-session?