No sound after last update

HI. New to the forum, though I’ve been using, and enjoying Manjaro for years. Most updates are flawless on my laptop, but after updating (Testing) today, I suddenly have no sound. If I use the Manjaro I have on a flash/USB drive, sound works great as always, so it’s not my system. Checked PulseAudio and AlsaMixer and everything looks like it should. Is there a fix/workaround to get my sound back?

UPDATE: Decided to revert to the Stable Repo, and that fixed the problem. May go back to Testing Repo later, when the sound issue is fixed.

Wanted to update my original post, and couldn’t find an “edit post” option, so clicked on “Reply” instead. Sorry, if that’s the wrong procedure. Please feel free to enlighten me…

Update: changed back to the Testing repo, updated my installation today, and my audio is still working. Not sure if the new update fixed the problem I had before, or it was a quirk/glitch in my system at the time, but glad to be using the Testing repo again.