No sound after boot, before plug-in and plug-out headphones


After boot of Manjaro, I have no sound.
I do not remember, when (or after what) this issue appeared :frowning:
More details:
If I right click on sound icon, I do NOT see this menu: (I see it only after “repairing” sound with plug-in and plug-out headphones).
PulseAudio screenshots,
after system boot (no sound in computer, or headphones (if computer was booted with plugged-in headphones), only “dummy output”):
after plug-in headphones (now Manjaro see my headphones, I have sound in headphones, and I can choose “dynamics” as output, and sounds will work):
and after plug-out headphones (sounds finally works):
Result of “inxi -Fxzc0”:
I created topic in Russian category some time ago, but there people recommend me to create topic here (В какой-то момент пропал звук).
P.S. Sorry for my bad English. and screenshots with Russian language, but I new to Linux, and can`t solve this problem myself :frowning:


  1. in the volume control app --> configuration --> which profile is it set to? when you boot?
  2. if is not analog stereo duplex try setting to analog stereo duplex”


Does the issues persist on live environment?

Also here’s a link for general troubleshooting with pulseaudio… Worth reading…

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When I was booting profile set to “analog stereo input”, after plug in and plug out headphones, its was autmonatically changing to “analog stereo duplex”.
After boot, I manually changed “analog stereo input” to “analog stereo duplex” and now my sounds work after every reboot!
Thank you very much!


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