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I'm new to Manjaro. I am trying it out with a flash drive. I am determining if Manjaro is the right Linux distro for me.

Presently, I have Black Lab Linux installed, as well as, Fedora 29 and Windows 8.0. I no longer have access to the Window partition and the Fedora partition.

To get to my point, one of the ways I am determining if Manjaro is the right distro for me, is to know what software is available, and how easily it is to install and remove.

Am I not seeing the software available, because Manjaro is on a flash drive? Am I missing something in the literature that I overlooked.
Thanks much!

What DE are you using? Manjaro uses pamac-manager

from pamac we have 12 000 manjaro packages and 60 000 if we enable AUR + flatpak and snap optionally

Also you could explore the following site:

I have the KDE DE. I have the same window with Browse, Installed, and Updates with the categories, but with each category there no applications showing.

Go to the settings and see if refreshing databases would resolve the issue.

Marte, thanks very much! The link helped me find packages that I would like to install. However, when I clicked on install to specific apps, it wasn't installed. Perhaps, this is only workable, if I install Manjaro on my laptop.

yes if we use archlinux but no manjaro

after "install" btn, select btn "Apply" at bottom right

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I suggest you practice command line using pamac or pacman, its a good learning excersice to get grasp what is happening under the hood, you might not look back at those bloaty gui's in my opinion.

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