"No shared library" shows up when I go to KDE Manjaro's setting's kernel category

It told me to delete usr/lib/qt/plugins/msm_kernel.so before and I did but it still persisted. Minus the instructions now. Everything seems to be working fine but I am worried this will lead to problems down the line.

Welcome to Manjaro.

Did you recently make an update but not reboot afterwards?

Whatever message you got - deleting that file was plain wrong.

$ pacman -Qo /usr/lib/qt/plugins/msm_kernel.so
/usr/lib/qt/plugins/msm_kernel.so is owned by manjaro-settings-manager-kcm 0.5.6-10

It belongs to manjaro-settings-manager-kcm - so reinstall that package:

$ sudo pacman -Syu manjaro-settings-manager-kcm

If your problem persist and/or you see that “message” again - don’t delete that file (again).
Post the full message here.