No Screen Signal

After force restart (crash in game) a dont have more signal in the screen.
Try boot from liveusb and after de welcom screen have the same problem.
Try “ctrl+alt+F2” and nothing. So i dont know how search for logs.
I have dual boot and work normal in the other system.

ManjaroKDE stable kernel 5.8
AMD APU A8-3870
Radeon RX550(free drivers)

Windows or Linux dual-boot?

windows 10

Can you still to to a TTY? I.E. Ctrl+Alt+F2

If yes, then do an:

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host  > /path/to/WindowsDisk/inxi.txt
journalctl --boot=-1 | tail --lines=50 > /path/to/WindowsDisk/journal.txt

then upload from Windows here. We need more information before we can even start debugging.