No right click openbox menu in LXQT Manjaro?

Dont get it ? My Sparky LXQT with Openbox gives me the full menu on right click desktop. Dug in .configs and LX-openbox settings in both and don’t see anything.
Am I missing an option to click on ?

Did you install the necessary Openbox components?

Such as ??? LXQt usually has everything needed with the included openbox.

Each distro, each maintainer, uses different configs.

What does right clicking the desktop do right now for you? Nothing?

What do you mean by “usually”? Some distros uses LXQt w/ kwin as the window manager instead of openbox. Some maintainers only have the bare minimum installed. It just depends on the config that the maintainer wants to use.

You will need to use the desktop settings - and tick the box - show Window Manager menu.

This setting is controlled by pcmanfm - I am not sure that I included the manjaro openbox packages with LXQt - which means you will get a non-functional default menu.

Just checked - and to get the openbox menu follow these steps:

  1. Open the LXQt settings manager
  2. → Session settings
  3. → Disable desktop

Logoff / login - then you have the default window manager menu.

This window manager menu Is the default and is not useful in any regard. You will have to create the menu either by hand or a tool from the repo.


I can see the a setting is missing from pcmanfm-qt - I don’t know if it is intentional or a bug or what.

But it is not an intentional configuration made by me - but I will look into it - the above comment on usability of the default openbox menu stands.


Checked with a different system installing pcmanfm-qt - and the configuration item for showning window manager menu is absent.

If you feel it is a bug please check with upstream lxqt → pacmanfm-qt

i’ll be damned. Worked like a champ. Thanks man.
Heres where I missed that setting in Sparky. Everything BUT desktop settings enabled.Same in Manjaro,i’ll boot the other machine in a bit.

Screenshot_2021-02-04_05-52-29|568x500, 50%

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