No partition to install Manjaro error

I’m so sorry to post image here.
But i think it would be easier for you to understand what the problem is.


Installation is blocked for this error.

You disk is not recognized - which points to either a faulty disk or disk is not recognized due to firmware settings.

In your firmware

  • set the disk to use AHCI
  • remove any RAID options
  • disable Intel Optane

If your system is using a Intel H10 device - check the relevant topics

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Next time, please type the text in your post, really no need for a screenshot, it’s not that much text. :wink:

I know what the situation with images is in the Manjaro forums. But, as a personal opinion, sometimes a screenshot it’s way better than just copying text. In this case the image gives context to the text, like in what step of the process is this happening. Yes, user can explain it, but most often than not, this requires some posts asking more question to the OP.

And sometimes users don’t know what is relevant or not, and more expert eyes can detect things users does not notice.

That said, rules are rules and forum users must follow them, but that doesn’t mean than screenshots are bad per se.

I did not say that. Sometimes screenshots indeed could be helpful. But here the text of the message could have simply typed into the post, it’s not much text and the context would be clear.

Pictures take a lot of memory and if lost, the whole conext of the thread would be gone as well. So, pictures should be used only as last resort. Saving time not to type the text should not be a reason to post a picture.

I’ve deleted the image without removing it. Now it will not use storage :wink:. No more worries now @Wollie and @cfinnberg

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Is this a new computer / laptop?

Have you previously successfully installed any operating system on it prior to your current attempt at Manjaro?

What happens when you try to identify your disks while in the Live USB session?

For example,


@linux-aarhus gave good “process of elimination” steps that can further narrow down the cause of this issue.