No Nvidia driver loaded though installed

OK, looks good. You should be fine to reboot. :crossed_fingers:

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Cool fingers crossed

What do you see there? This doesn’t tell me anything…

So now a reboot…

After reboot, don’t forget to reinstall cuda.

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Looks good and Nvidia settings are running :blush: :+1:

Now reinstalling Blender and Cuda…


If your issues are solved you can mark @pobrn’s post (#09) as solution.

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Came with Blender anyway

Blender is up and detecting my GTX1060 - yeah… :v:

@Wollie, you are awesome - thank you very much!!!
I will mark #9 but you are my hero :wink:

But I wonder what went wrong with my former update. I’m quite sure I did something like sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-nvidia-450xx before…

Anyway, now life is good again…

Again: Thank you!!


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