No notification icons disappear after changing theme

Hello, everyone.

I inactive in this forum due to lack of my English and I very noob in Linux forum, especially this forum. I try to ask this in Indonesian Linux group in Facebook and Telegram, but I can’t resolve that problem. Let me to explain my problem.

I have a problem with icon on GNOME 41 shell for show if system haven’t a notification yet. If change my shell theme, that icon disappear after theme was change. If I reset it, that icon can back. If I change theme again, it can disappear again.

Below picture describe that problem (until now can’t resolve this problem)

What should I do for solving this small problem. Thanks for your answer

What icon?

Reset what?

No, it doesn’t. What are we supposed to be seeing?

Icon to notice if you haven’t a notification yet. I must to resetting GNOME Tweaks to show that icon again

Same as this picture

Oh, the bell icon above No Notifications. It’s most likely an issue with your GNOME Shell theme or icon pack. You already know the answer, it’s in your topic title. Contact the theme maintainer.

Oh, it’s a good solution. Thanks for your answer, Sir

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