No more updates?

hello everyone, since 2023-05-04 there are no more updates on the testing branch, have you abandoned the project?

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ARM branch is more or less way behind of the other Architectures we support. So far only x86_64 and riscv are more or less up to date in unstable or edge branches. aarch64 for ARM even doesn’t have the migration from community to extra and therefore gets no updates upstream. The small ARM team at Arch managed to finalize the python 3.11 rebuilds and updates on which our team is still working on. The mirrorlist is your friend: The manjaro-packages Archives

yes I saw this update, but it was not detected by pamac…

Sort your mirrors.

So all this noise was because your mirrors are not up to date? Please see Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro

Please don’t tell me this was also you… Update Manjaro Arm (#10) · Issues · manjaro-arm / issues / Packages · GitLab