No More RAF File Previews in Dolphin?

I have an issue with my Dolphin in which Fuji Raw files no longer have image previews (.RAF)

Doing astrophotography which has a few thousand pictures makes finding out when the sun rises quickely problematic. I heard that this was a bug a while back, has it been addressed or is my Dolphin out of date or something? The Dolphin preview settings should allow it to be shown, and it was before in the past.

Is there any way to get .RAF previews back?

Can you narrow it down… is it just remote files which don’t have previews?

Have you tried setting Skip previews for remote files above: No limit?

It is not just remote files that are effected, I have a local NVME drive which does not have the RAF previews.

No limit is not an option for skipping remote files, it just has that large number, it won’t go higher.

Is this connected to KDE Frameworks issue. Fixed in Frameworks 5.95?
What version of KDE Frameworks do you have? If it is 5.24 then is a known issue .
Seems like all RAW files were affected by this bug which is fixed in KDE Frameworks 5.97.0 (currently on Testing branch).

From reading through the bug report, it seems a workaround is to deactivate previews for Images (GIF, PNG, BMP, ...).

You might want to try that while waiting for the fix to reach Stable? Or simply change branches (instructions everywhere on this forum) to grab the fix now.

That disabling of other previews didnt work 100% for me, I simply ended up with a random selection of thumbnails displayed. The latest update of frameworks in Testing have solved the problem for me.

ARW,ORF and CR2 all display thumbnails now without exception.

So I’m guessing it’ll be fixed when on the next update then?

I don’t think switching my branch to testing is a good idea at the moment :smiley: