No more enlightenment edition?



Hello there, i am big big fan of enlightenment desktop, i wonder if i can install it from the scratch on manjaro ? why there is not enlightenment version anymore? its the most light and complete DE ive ever used…Would like to have it available, tips? just dont want to install xfce first to install it later.; thanks


Yes, it is in the repo

Lack of maintainer(s)

Use Manjaro Architect installer


Great i will do it ! thanks!


Just for a clarification, its not available on manjaro architect iso …xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

see ya


Install a CLI edition then install enlightenment


Yeup, unfortunately thats what im doing.


Well, no, but a few months ago i used my M-A iso to successfully install E into two of my VMs. M-A [once you work out the serpentine pathway through all the options] then DLs all the necessary packages & installs them. Clearly it works, coz both my VMs work just fine.

If you’re interested, here’s a copy of a note i wrote to myself once i’d deduced part of the procedure:

If i want to install Enlightenment, do NOT select Option 2 Install Desktop System, but instead Option 4 Install Custom System.


Great, thank you so much


I m-i-s-100 :slight_smile:

cu m-sgs-38x16