No mobile data: conflict with the SIM card?

Hello, firstly, I m sorry, i have a lot difficulties for speak english :frowning:

I installed Manjaro KDE Plasma on my PinePhone, but i have a problem with my SIM card. After turning on the phone, and unlocking the SIM card, I try to change the SIM password. But my SIM card is seen as locked by the phone. However, I can send and receive SMS.

In the information on the SIM, the software considers that this one is not protected by password (yet, yes, and it asks me for it at startup, in addition to the phone code). If I try to assign one to it via the interface, I get thrown out, with this message:

Error toggling SIM lock: Couldn’t enable PIN: QMI protocol error (82): ‘AccessDenied’

I suspect that my mobile data access problem comes from here too, because although the APNs are detected, I am unable to select one. Mobile data was usable via Manjaro Phosh, even if the SIM card disconnected at times.

Thank you for your help, and thank you for this system!


This might be what you are looking for MODEM - Usb problem & couldn't query SIM slots: QMI protocol