No menu icons only in nautilus

First question:
This option is enabled from the following path:
Setting Manager> Appearance> Settings> Show images in menus
But the icons in the menus for me are not only displayed in nautilus !! ‌
Icons are displayed in Thunar file manager!
I do not know what the problem is, it does not appear in the nautilus file manager, of course, I do not know, maybe the problem is from what I am saying below:
I installed the Depin file manager that day. My manjaro system was all confused. I deleted everything and restarted the Depin file manager with the removal instructions. Could this be a problem? Or is this not what the problem could be?

Question 2:
My friends, I closed the buttons from the path below:
Setting Manager> Appearance> Settings> Show images on buttons
But again my font is displayed in the buttons at the top …
I mean, I would like to help with CSS we can put that text exactly in the middle of the buttons.

Thank you all :slight_smile:

Why does no one answer my question?

That setting is for Xfce applications, it’s working as intended.

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Dear friend
I also said that it is displayed in thunar but it is not displayed in nautilus. I even removed and re-installed nautilus, but the problem was not solved! I do not know, you know better what I do to be right?

Exactly. That setting won’t affect Nautilus as it’s not an Xfce application.

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Well now let’s not worry about that setting!
How can we fix this ourselves?