No Log-out option?

A change has happened (not made by me). I can no longer see a (any) log-out options available in the forum. I have to just kill the tab.

Maybe the forum needs a little tweek? (Jonathon?)

[edit:] A late update I know, but Johathon states further down this thread that the change is out of Manjaro's hands, Discourse are to blame. Below is a great solution: :wink:


Probably something changed in Discourse, the software this Forum is based on.

After opening the main menu you have to click on your username (on the top left of the menu) for the logout option to appear.

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If you click your avatar -> username -> logout

1 Like your avatar, the dialog opens, top left is your username, click it, surprise.

Thanks for your replies guys. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the option that I always used to log-out, the one you all mention, that we expect to appear when we click on our avatar/username is (at least in my case) no longer there?

I'm using Waterfox 56.2.13 (64-bit), via the MX distro. Nothing has changed at my end to make this happen?

I can easily live with it. But it ain't right. :slight_smile:

[edit:] Also, I notice that my OP got 2 likes. Why? Is that from 2 other people with the same problem, or is it from 2 people chasing some form of badge?


Yeah, this is a Discourse change.


I don't really understand the rationale for moving it...


Another option for logging out from the Forum - instead of killing the tab - is to use Shift+z two times in a row.

This would mean Shift+z Shift+z.


@jonathon, I agree. It is a step backwards.
Perhaps in a future revision they will counter it?

@bill_t, thanks! That is a really good piece of info' as it is more time/energy efficient.

Grateful to you both. :slight_smile:


An idea could be, to make the menu, two toned coloured. so that the selected tab is easier to distinguish from the unselected tabs.

Is this configurable, in the theme/color settings of the forum (referring to the backend)

There isn't any difference in the CSS which can be used to identify the "user" submenu from the others.

I am on Pale Moon browser.
I click on avatar then username but there is no log out option.

See here:

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I've noticed a number of web sites that I use have moved the Log Out link to a location like this. Logging out of a site has been a frustration for me for years. Every site puts the link somewhere else, it's almost like a game now trying to find it. :man_shrugging:

@flibby.jibbit, the quote bellow from this thread by @bill_t I've found very easy to addapt to:

Another option for logging out from the Forum - instead of killing the tab - is to use Shift+z two times in a row.

This would mean Shift+z Shift+z.


Well .. it isnt the fault of any site developer that an out-of-date browser developed by straight up arrogance somehow 'doesnt work'.

It is not just Pale Moon as @handy can't log out on Waterfox.

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I am not a fan of its placement .. but can you really not see or find it ?
(click on your icon .. then click on your username)

[also waterfox is not a great example either ... didnt they do that funny thing where they couldnt figure out how to handle newer firefox updates and so just left users hanging with giant security holes?]

I have never used Waterfox, so I don't know.
What browser do you use?

Thanks @handy, but this forum isn't one of the sites that I have been frustrated with. I never log out of the forums :wink:. The sites I generally get frustrated with are ecommerce/banking type sites where I need to log in and out every visit. I get used to it, though, so after a couple of visits, I know where to look. It's just the first couple of visits that I'm thinking to myself, "If I were a logout link, where would I be hiding?" :laughing:

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Either a modified firefox or ungoogled-chromium these days.

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