No internet with usb tethering

i only have internet through android s10+ phone thats inducing rsi faster than any keyboard/mouse design/positioning could, so i dont have the spoons for details…why doesn’t usb tethering just work as effortlessly as hotplugging ethernet does?

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Please see:

…and how do i do that with my phone?

By tethering, of course. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: See Android tethering.

I did…the systemd-networkd and easytether thing didn’t work

Perhaps your mobile plan doesn’t include tethering?

i called them anout that and they didn’t say it wasn’t…

Well, that doesn’t tell us anything.

Did you try creating a Wi-Fi hotpspot on your phone or Bluetooth tethering?

I havent a bluetooth adapter…since the pc i was given is nearly all blue usb3 ports i thought buying a usb bluetooth receiver would be a waste…conscequently, all my wifi devices are too old (1 medialink dongle and found pci/pcie adapters)…they only take 2.4ghz signals, are wireless-n, but internet was there for a second (the signal wasn’t disconnecting but web itself wasn’t available…ungoogled chromium said something about name_not_known/found, but its been too hot to use my desktop lately)…

Okay, now usb tethering is working…but I don’t know why. If it is to do with usb ports, how do I diagnose what was wrong with the usb port that wasn’t letting tethering work, but was allowing mtp and/or charging ?