No Internet with Live CD or Installation (Realtek 8111)

I’m having a real problem here. My Manjaro installation got corrupted so I decided to reinstall with the latest version. However I discovered that I have no internet on either the live cd or after I install. I have the dreaded Realtek 8111 chip, so I think that’s the problem. The question is, how do I fix this? I have access to another computer that I can download something onto a USB key if need be, but I don’t know what to do.

Oddly enough, before my installation corrupted itself everything was working fine and I was up to date with the latest kernel so I don’t know what happened.

I managed to restore my system from an old backup I had and the internet is working again. It’s not the driver because it’s using the latest one which is the version that supposedly doesn’t work (r8169). Perhaps my router didn’t like me reinstalling the OS?

Hi @tempest2084,
Please, post the output of the terminal command inxi -Fazy here.
Meanwhile, you could take a look at this post in the forum.
No Ethernet with RTL8125 - #2 by bogdancovaciu
Read inside the post which includes your realtek 8169 card.
You could also search for another solutions in the forum typing realtek 8169.

Hope it helps, regards

  Kernel: 5.10.19-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 10.2.0 
  parameters: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.10-x86_64 
  root=UUID=38bf1d9c-d4fd-4d72-b6cb-8407756db8fd ro quiet udev.log_priority=3 
  Desktop: GNOME 3.38.3 tk: GTK 3.24.26 wm: gnome-shell dm: GDM 
  Distro: Manjaro Linux base: Arch Linux 
  Type: Desktop Mobo: EVGA model: 141-BL-E757 v: Tylersburg serial: <filter> 
  BIOS: Phoenix v: 6.00 PG date: 08/25/2011 
  Device-1: hidpp_battery_0 model: Logitech M510 serial: <filter> 
  charge: 55% (should be ignored) rechargeable: yes status: Discharging 
  Info: Quad Core model: Intel Core i7 920 bits: 64 type: MT MCP arch: Nehalem 
  family: 6 model-id: 1A (26) stepping: 5 microcode: 1D cache: L2: 8 MiB 
  flags: lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 bogomips: 42466 
  Speed: 1592 MHz min/max: 1596/2661 MHz boost: enabled Core speeds (MHz): 
  1: 1592 2: 1592 3: 1592 4: 1592 5: 1591 6: 1592 7: 1591 8: 1592 
  Vulnerabilities: Type: itlb_multihit status: KVM: VMX unsupported 
  Type: l1tf mitigation: PTE Inversion 
  Type: mds 
  status: Vulnerable: Clear CPU buffers attempted, no microcode; SMT vulnerable 
  Type: meltdown mitigation: PTI 
  Type: spec_store_bypass 
  mitigation: Speculative Store Bypass disabled via prctl and seccomp 
  Type: spectre_v1 
  mitigation: usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization 
  Type: spectre_v2 mitigation: Full generic retpoline, IBPB: conditional, 
  IBRS_FW, STIBP: conditional, RSB filling 
  Type: srbds status: Not affected 
  Type: tsx_async_abort status: Not affected 
  Device-1: AMD Cape Verde XT [Radeon HD 7770/8760 / R7 250X] 
  vendor: Hightech Information System driver: radeon v: kernel 
  alternate: amdgpu bus-ID: 02:00.0 chip-ID: 1002:683d class-ID: 0300 
  Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.10 compositor: gnome-shell driver: 
  loaded: ati,radeon unloaded: modesetting alternate: fbdev,vesa 
  display-ID: :0 screens: 1 
  Screen-1: 0 s-res: 1920x1080 s-dpi: 96 s-size: 508x285mm (20.0x11.2") 
  s-diag: 582mm (22.9") 
  Monitor-1: DVI-0 res: 1920x1080 hz: 60 dpi: 94 size: 521x293mm (20.5x11.5") 
  diag: 598mm (23.5") 
  OpenGL: renderer: AMD VERDE (DRM 2.50.0 5.10.19-1-MANJARO LLVM 11.1.0) 
  v: 4.5 Mesa 20.3.4 direct render: Yes 
  Device-1: Intel 82801JI HD Audio driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel 
  bus-ID: 00:1b.0 chip-ID: 8086:3a3e class-ID: 0403 
  Device-2: AMD Oland/Hainan/Cape Verde/Pitcairn HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 7000 
  vendor: Hightech Information System driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel 
  bus-ID: 02:00.1 chip-ID: 1002:aab0 class-ID: 0403 
  Sound Server-1: ALSA v: k5.10.19-1-MANJARO running: yes 
  Sound Server-2: JACK v: 0.125.0 running: no 
  Sound Server-3: PulseAudio v: 14.2 running: yes 
  Sound Server-4: PipeWire v: 0.3.22 running: no 
  Device-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet 
  driver: r8169 v: kernel port: de00 bus-ID: 06:00.0 chip-ID: 10ec:8168 
  class-ID: 0200 
  IF: enp6s0 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full mac: <filter> 
  Local Storage: total: 1.25 TiB used: 385.93 GiB (30.2%) 
  SMART Message: Required tool smartctl not installed. Check --recommends 
  ID-1: /dev/sda maj-min: 8:0 vendor: Western Digital model: WD5001AALS-00L3B2 
  size: 465.76 GiB block-size: physical: 512 B logical: 512 B speed: 3.0 Gb/s 
  serial: <filter> rev: 3B01 scheme: MBR 
  ID-2: /dev/sdb maj-min: 8:16 vendor: Kingston model: SA400S37120G 
  size: 111.79 GiB block-size: physical: 512 B logical: 512 B speed: 3.0 Gb/s 
  rotation: SSD serial: <filter> rev: 71E0 scheme: MBR 
  ID-3: /dev/sdc maj-min: 8:32 vendor: Samsung model: SSD 850 EVO 250GB 
  size: 232.89 GiB block-size: physical: 512 B logical: 512 B speed: 3.0 Gb/s 
  rotation: SSD serial: <filter> rev: 2B6Q scheme: MBR 
  ID-4: /dev/sdd maj-min: 8:48 vendor: Samsung model: SSD 860 EVO 500GB 
  size: 465.76 GiB block-size: physical: 512 B logical: 512 B speed: 3.0 Gb/s 
  rotation: SSD serial: <filter> rev: 4B6Q 
  ID-1: / raw-size: 111.79 GiB size: 109.53 GiB (97.98%) 
  used: 51.68 GiB (47.2%) fs: ext4 dev: /dev/sdb1 maj-min: 8:17 
  Alert: No Swap data was found. 
  System Temperatures: cpu: 26.0 C mobo: N/A gpu: radeon temp: 31.0 C 
  Fan Speeds (RPM): N/A 
  Processes: 232 Uptime: 10m wakeups: 26 Memory: 11.69 GiB 
  used: 972.3 MiB (8.1%) Init: systemd v: 247 tool: systemctl Compilers: 
  gcc: 10.2.0 Packages: pacman: 1513 lib: 449 flatpak: 0 Shell: Bash v: 5.1.0 
  running-in: gnome-terminal inxi: 3.3.02 

Hi @tempest2084 ,

In the following post it is said that you have to build the driver from source. The reasons are at the end of the post.´

Hope it help, regards,

But why is it working now after I restored my system? I know I never did anything like building a driver from scratch.

Hi @tempest2084 ,
I apologize for the previous post, I understood you have problems with your wifi card and not with your ethernet one.


I dont have a wifi card, just the built in ethernet

Hi @tempest2084,
Please read what @megavolt wrote on the following post in order to see what is happening to your ethernet adapter.
Ethernet disappeared after trying to update

Hope it help, regards

You could try this since it is the same chip-id there (10ec:8168).

Manjaro Settings Manager GUI can install linux510-r8168
and create a file /etc/modprobe.d/r8169_blacklist.conf to blacklist the r8169 driver
Network-8168 and network-8169 works really bad with my computer

Or this command

sudo mhwd --install pci network-r8168