No installation window

Hi! I hope I have come to the right place…

I have an old computer I thought I should bring to new life with an installation of manjaro (GNOME 21.1.6). I selected open source drivers and everything seems to be in order (I’m a bit new to linux and all the checks came back as a green “OK” ). When I were suppose to be granted with a installation screen, instead nothing come up except the manjaro wallpaper.

Have I done something wrong or is my system not compatible?

can you open a terminal
and a browser on this topic
and return

inxi -Fza 

I have to tried to open a terminal with


Then a terminal shows for one second and then the screen turns gray.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Okey, I was doing something wrong, but now I’m in the terminal, what do you want to know from the return of the command?

inix -Fza