No icons for AUR packages

A newbie here! I have enabled AUR and installed some packages. But the problem is that none of them has app launcher icon. I’m using Manjaro KDE. Please help me over this.


Likely what happened is that you deleted the build files and the icon was linked from them. Had that happen with a few installed AUR packages. To be sure though could you post the content of an affected .desktop file?

Or you installed CLI applications, or even libraries, none of which have icons nor launchers.

Thanks for replying. Really sorry, don’t know what I did. I booted my laptop again and now I can see all the icons. Maybe it needs to generate thumbnails to display the icons? I could have restarted it before posting a question here, my bad. Anyways thanks for replying.

No worries. Things can be a bit janky to get going initially when you are first starting out in a whole new jungle.

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I rebooted my laptop and don’t know what had happened, I can see all the icons now. Thanks for replying.