No icon for new user

since some hours, no icon for new user. bug in forum ?


I’ve noticed it too, and even more than that. :thinking: See my PM. :wink:

I got a:

a few minutes ago, so I think the discourse platform is being stressed.

:dog2: :grin:


That is obviously an image on the web you linked to, because I am unable to upload any images from my own computer. :thinking:


I thought everyone knew:


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I’m afraid it’s worse than that, but I’m waiting for confirmation from the administrators. :frowning_face:


Another crash?



I sure hope not, but at the moment it does appear to be headed that way. :fearful:

I would recommend saving all of the tutorials you’ve written to your local computer, just in case.


Can anyone check whether the avatars for the new members have returned, please? Whatever the problem was, things seem to be stabilizing again. :thinking:

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Ah carp, not this again…

The situation appears to have stabilized now. For a while, we were panicking, but now everything appears to be working normally again. :+1:

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I just browsed the Stable updates announcement thread, latest post from Yoshanuikabundi shows a missing icon.

Moreover since this morning, followed posts stay unread even if I open and read the new messages multiple times.

Edit: about the unread section, seems to work off and on.

I hope the forum servers will keep up.

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