No icon for Dota 2 in dash and menu



I just installed Dota 2 via steam but unfortunately there was no icon added to the dash or the menu so can’t start it directly and thus can’t put it into the favorite bar.

Any ideas how to solve this?



Have you tried to right click in the steam list and check if there’s an option there? Also, I think when you first launch the installer you are prompted to create one.



Thanks for your reply.

There’s an option to create a desktop icon in steam but when I click it steam says there is already one. When I go to the desktop folder there’s only the entry for steam itself.


Did you have reboot your system ?
Call me crazy but my experience with gnome was that some Icons was first available after rebooting the system.
I am happy to use KDE :smile:


Hi, unfortunately it 's a known bug:

You could create a desktop icon by yourself using menulibre.


Ah, alright. Thank you though.

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