No gtkdialog command line/script GUI tool?

“gtkdialog” is a commandline / script tool for making a GUI.
It is much more advanced than Zenity/dialog/Xdialog.
I don’t see in in the repository and when I tried to ./configure and then make a known good copy of the source code it failed to compile.
Does anyone have a copy that works?
Any tips on trying to get it to work or is my large previous project now orphaned.
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Bummer it was about 5 months of work.

The old, deprecated version of gtkdialog is available in the AUR. It’s now part of GTK. See GtkDialog: GTK+ 3 Reference Manual and GtkDialog: GTK 4 Reference Manual.

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most manjaro installs include yad
i’ve used it for a few gui things. not currently using it as the gui’s i made can also be done directly on my sway install.

yad, Zenity, and Xdialog is a “kettle of horses of a different color” from the gtkdialog command line tool. With gtkdialog you can make very complex dialog boxes with multiple tabs and big collections of things that can be set. I now have gtkdialog installed and it appears to function. Later today or next week I may test further.

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