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I just installed a fresh copy of Manjaro 18 XFCE. All went well and I updated the system from a TTY. After a reboot I no longer get a graphical login screen. I tried the same with Manjaro 18 i3, same problem. Then decided to try Manjaro 18 Gnome, no problem.

I am able to Ctrl-ALT-F2 login and startx…

Any idea what the issue is?

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Some starting points are here:


@hxcdk you should also check with

inxi -Fxxxz 
sudo journalctl -b 0 - p 4 ( or dmesg )

and in journalctl to see what’s wrong


Thanks guys, I well try to reproduce the problem and see if any of your advice can help :wink:


Something to consider - IIRC on initial boot from ISO, are you telling the process to use free drivers or non-free? If you used either option (and if you MUST reinstall) try the opposite option and see how it goes.

Just a thought and YMMV

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