No google-chrome icon in application launcher

I don’t see the google-chrome icon in my application launcher menu, just black space. How do bring it back? (Manjaro 21.0 with KDE Plasma version 5.21.3)

Edit: Just installed the new Breath2 theme icon updates and restarted, still the same issue.

Usually restarting the session helps …

tried, doesn’t work

How did you installed google-chrome, what icon theme are you using?

I have installed it from AUR (google-chrome 89.0.4389.82-1). I am using the Breath2 icon theme.

From the Edit Applications (Right click on the app launcher) you can locate Chrome (under Internet, I think) and can change icon from there.
Hope this helps

I was able to resolve the issue by adding /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/google-chrome.png to the Icon= entry in the google-chrome.desktop file located at ~/.local/share/applications/.

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