No firewall after clean install - problem?

Hi all,
Coming from Windows its hammered into me to use a firewall. I finished installing Manjaro and tried to enable a firewall (firewalld) but found that i had to install it - which i tried to do with “Add / Remove Software” but I could not do so until i had updated out of date packages - this was 900mb of data and took 5-10 minutes to download during which time i’m connected to the internet with no firewall. Is this a problem in that a malicious actor could of gained access or installed something to my Manjaro system during this time?

Thanks in advance (and i appreciate this post is very noobish)

If you installed from the full ISO, ufw firewall is installed by default. You’d still need to enable it though (can be done via GUI tool gufw)

Not really. There shouldn’t be any software running that is accessible from the network on a fresh install. Next to that I assume you’re behind a router and your machine is anyways not directly accessible from the internet.

Hi Moson, thanks for replying.
So i installed the 21.0.2 release - though i did try accessing UFW through terminal straight after booting up first time after install and i just got “bash: ufw: command not found” hence assumed it had to be installed. I am behind a router though.

Didn’t check, but normally the regular editions have it installed (but not enabled). The minimal ones not. Maybe you used the minimal to install it?

Anyways, don’t worry, your system is ok.

Cheers Moson


Use the following command to enable ufw at every boot:

sudo systemctl enable --now ufw

thanks Ngr