No encoding option for AMD R7 370

Hi, got a probably newbie question.
When running vainfo my output is as follows:


vainfo: VA-API version: 1.13 (libva 2.12.0)
vainfo: Driver version: Mesa Gallium driver 21.2.3 for AMD Radeon ™ R7 300 Series (PITCAIRN, DRM 3.41.0, 5.13.19-2-MANJARO, LLVM 12.0.1)
vainfo: Supported profile and entrypoints
VAProfileMPEG2Simple : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileMPEG2Main : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileVC1Simple : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileVC1Main : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileVC1Advanced : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileH264ConstrainedBaseline: VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileH264Main : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileH264High : VAEntrypointVLD
VAProfileNone : VAEntrypointVideoProc

There are only the decoding entrypoints, so I cannot encode video with ffmpeg or OBS.
I’m running KDE Manjaro, 5.13 kernel, amdgpu driver, AMD R7 370 gpu.

Been trying to solve this for the past few hours, and so far found no fix for that