No dual boot loader

Hi all

Here is what I did.

Installed manjaro (latest) alongside windows 10.

In my ASUS bios, secure boot is disabled and I selected ‘other os’.

During the install I chose boot/uefi , and allocated 512mb and formatted as fat 32 after flagging it.

All went well. I booted up several times and was able to select manjaro (gnome) and windows, no problem.

I then decided just for the heck of it to also look at manjaro KDE and decide if I wanted to
replace it gnome. But what I did was just view it on the bootable USB. I shutdown, and then rebooted.
On doing so the boot loader disappeared and only Win 10 would boot. I will re-install again, but before I do, I want to ask you guys if you have any ideas as to why this has happened?
Thanks in advance


first guess would that you have booted into Windows before booting into the the live session. Grub saves the last selection you have made. Hold SHIFT when booting to reach the grub menu.

Second thought would be that the EFI changed the boot order. Check that also.


Hi megavolt

Thank you for your reply.

I have deleted all the manjaro partitions and will reinstall, so I will not be able to try out your helpful suggestions. I did go into the bios (before deleting those partitions) using windows disk manager, and chose the manjaro boot partition as first choice, but it still went to windows?

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So you were running with 2 ESPs, so then it’s normal that dual boot doesn’t work:

You need to mount the existing ESP to /boot/efi/ and then you will have dual boot. (or triple or whatever)