No display after update


I just recently installed the Manjaro Gnome iso today and there were ~200 updates on pamac so i tried updating it. Downloading was fine but once it started installing the screen went dark with no output. I thought it would come back after a while and left it for an hour but nothing changed. So I went back to my windows partition and searched for a solution. Every solution mentioned ctrl+alt+f3 but mine didnt respond to it. So i reinstalled manjaro completely wiping the partition. After installing, this time i updated through pacman but the result was the same-

  • The screen is dark there is not even a back light.
  • Computer doesnt respond to any keyboard presses (power button reset works)

My setup is i5-7300HQ and 1050 4GB graphics card.
So how do i get Manjaro to work without it crashing everytime it updates?
Any help would be appreciated.


Have you tried this?


Thank you. I tried the chroot method to update the packages.

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